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Sponsors in 5781 (2020 / 2021)

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, city and state rules regarding gatherings and worship change dynamically. Keep checking our home page and the electronic boards.  Wishing everyone a healthy 5781!

To sponsor a Shalosh Seudos whether in person or in SpiritCLICK HERE. Still only $100.

May - June 2021

June 19. Parshas Chukas Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Randy Lieberman IMO Pinchas Ben Shlomo Yehuda
June 19. Parshas Chukas Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Yehudah Leib (Lawrence) Fleck IMO Matel bas Tzvi

June 12. Parshas Korach Shalosh Seudos Co-Sponsor Esther Ingber.  IMO her aunt Dora Bat Shmuel (7 Tammuz).
June 12. Parshas Korach Shalosh Seudos Co-Sponsor Harry Piontnica.  IMO Carol Piontnica

June 5. Parshas Shlach Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Larry Fleck IMO Tzvi ben Buruch z"l

May 29 Parshas Baha'aloscha Shalosh Seudos sponsored by M/M Volvi Greenberger IMO his mother Perel Leah Bas Yishaya Zev

May 22 Parshas Nasso Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Larry Fleck IMO Yitzchok ben Bentzion
May 22 Parshas Nasso Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Renee Minkowitz IMO her mother Miriam bas Yosef

May 1. Parshas Emor Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Mrs. Rosalyn Levin In memory of Mordechai Aryeh ben shalom

March - April 2021

April 24. Parshas Achrei Mos- Kedoshim Pirkei Avos Shiur and Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Mrs. Rosalyn Levin In memory of Shalom ben Mordechai Aryeh. 
Parshas Achrei Mos- Kedoshim Shalosh Seudos also sponsored by Dovid Aronowitz as A Seudos Hoda'ah for his recovery and in memory of the 6 million Kedoshim.

Apr 17. Parshas Tazria-Metzora. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Volvi and Chavi Greenberger on the engagement of their grandson Chaim to Devorah and for the Pidyon Haben of their great grandson Moshe.

March 13. Parshas Veyakhel Pekudai. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Snow for his mother.

February 2021

February 27. Parshas Tetzaveh. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by David and Leah Beck IMO  פייגא ביילא בת רי צבי אריה הלוי and שמואל לייב בן חיים מאיר

February 20. Parshas Terumah. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Larry (Yehuda) Fleck IMO his father Benzion ben Yitzchak.
February 20. Co-Sponsor Esther Ingber.  IMO her uncle Mordechai ben Leib (Adar 1’ 8)

February 13. Parshas Mishpatim. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Roslyn Levin IMO Rechel Bas Meyer Zev
February 13. Parshas Mishpatim. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Eli MIller in honor of the birth of his grandson.
February 13. Co-Sponsor Esther Ingber. IMO her  father Tzvi ben Ezra (Adar 1’ 1)

February 6. Parshas Yisro. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Ruth Stillman

January 2021

January 30. Co-Sponsor Esther Ingber. IMO her mother Frieda bas Shmuel (17 shevat)

January 23. Parshas Bo. Shalosh Seudos Sponsored by Randy Lieberman IMO his nephew Aryeh Dinter AH  (6 of Shvat).

January 2. Parshas Vayechi. Shalosh Seudos sponsored byBetty Kanevsky IMO her mother Raizel bas Yitzchok.

November - December 2020

Daf Yomi Pesachim Sponsors - Ramy Bodner and David Reiss

December 26. Parshas Vayigash. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by David Reiss IMO his parents Moshe Yaakov Ben Avraham Abba and Leah Bas Yosef Dovid

December 19. Parshas Miketz. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Helen Rubin  in memory of her father Moshe ben Shmuel.

December 12. Parshas Vayeshev. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Randy Lieberman in memory of Rochel Bas Pinchas.

December 6. Parshas Vayishlach. Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Moishe Kohn.  In memory of Brother-in-law Kalman Yitzchak ben Reb Avraham, Harav Sholom Mordechai ben Reb Yitzchok Hacohen Schwadrun, Uncle Reb Mordechai ben Reb Yonah Eliezer Eisner

November 21. Parshas Toldos.  Shalosh Seudos sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Snow In memory of Reb Yechiel Michel ben Reb Yosef (Sauber) and his wife Maras Freidel bas Reb Avraham Tzvi, (Rebbetzin Snow's parents)

September-October 2020

September 26. Shabbos Shuva. Sponsored by  Ruth Stillman. IMO her father Shmuel Zavul ben Yosef.

October 17. Shabbos Bereishis. Co-Sponsor Esther Ingber. IMO her cousin Shmuel ben Mordechai (Cheshvan 2).

Giving - So many ways to support the shul

Sponsor a Shabbas Mevorchim! 

Sponsors get an Aliyah LeTorah, may request a niggun, and receive a Mishebairach by the Chazzan. The Chazzan is accompanied by the YIBE Aaron Miller Memorial Choir. Sponsorships are in the amount of $1,000.  There are still many Shabbosim open for this year as well as for Yom Tov davening.  It can be a shared sponsorship as well. We hope you join us and help continue the beautiful traditions and programs we at YIBE are privileged to enjoy. 

Wed, June 23 2021 13 Tammuz 5781