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Sponsor a Shabbas Mevorchim! 

Sponsors get an Aliyah LeTorah, may request a niggun, and receive a Mishebairach by the Chazzan. The Chazzan is accompanied by the YIBE Aaron Miller Memorial Choir. Sponsorships are in the amount of $1,500.  There are still many Shabbosim open for this year as well as for Yom Tov davening.  It can be a shared sponsorship as well. We hope you join us and help continue the beautiful traditions and programs we at YIBE are privileged to enjoy. 

Upcoming Shabbas Mevorchim sponsorship opportunities:

March 31, April 1, First two days of Pesach -AVAILABLE.
April 6, 7. Last two days of Pesach - AVAILABLE
April 14 Parshas Shemini, Mevorchim Hachodesh Iyar- Sponsored by Daniel Zucker.

5 minutes with Rabbi Snow: Parshas Tzav/Shabbos Hagadol 5778: The Great One

Parshas Tzav/Shabbos Hagadol 5778: The Great One

Rabbi Moshe Snow

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or see the menu above (Giving) for sponsorship opportunities.  THANK YOU for your continued support!

Thu, March 22 2018 6 Nisan 5778