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The YIBE office is closed. Please email office @ for assistance or call 718-435-9020.



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Daf Yomi 7:00AM Sunday to Friday

Masechta Kesuvos in our Daf Yomi Cycle is being sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Rami Bodner L'Zecher Nishmas Sholom Alexander ben Baruch A"H, and as a Zechus for Shidduchim for Naomi Sarah and Miriam, and as a Zechus for children for Binyamin and Sarah Goldie

It is also being sponsored by Mr. Dovid Reiss L'Zecher Nishmas Moshe Yaakov ben Avraham Abba A"H and Leah bas Yosef Dovid A"H

Join Zoom Meeting click here Daf Yomi Shiur (Meeting ID 569435268, Password 652975)

To join via telephone -  (929) 205-6099, Enter Meeting ID 569 435 268 ## 


          Yitzchok Dov Rottenstein Gemorah Shiur will resume August 30

Join Zoom Meeting click here Tuesday Gemorah Shiur (Meeting ID 870685158 Password 876053)

To join via telephone -  (929) 205-6099, Enter Meeting ID 870 685 158 ##


The Thursday Parsha Shiur will resume after Succos

   Join Zoom Meeting click here Thursday Parsha Shiur (Meeting ID 861 0083 5752, Passcode 431877

To join via telephone - (929) 205-6099, Enter Meeting ID 861 0083 5752 ##, Password 431877

                    View Rabbi Snow's Recorded Shiurim Available HERE.


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Tue, August 9 2022 12 Av 5782