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                                    Entitled to Karka Program

YIBE Entitled to Karka Program

ELIGIBILITY. All current dues-paying members may, if they choose to OPT-IN, be entitled to free graves at the proper time, in accord with terms and conditions of the Cemetery (Karka) Committee and the Board of Directors. This applies to both full (voting) members and supporting members.

OPTING IN. To be considered “Entitled” to Karka at the proper time, interested dues-paying members must opt in by providing YIBE with some required information:
1. Contact information. Members who opt in must provide YIBE with complete standard contact information – address, home phone, mobile phone, email address – plus additional contact info for 3 emergency contact family members.
2. A statement affirming that they wish to opt in to the Entitled to Karka program.

SURCHARGE. New members who opt in may be assessed a surcharge fee depending on the member’s age at the time. The surcharge will be assessed according to the following schedule:
:: Under 35 years: No surcharge

:: 45 years to under 60 years:  $500
:: 60 years to under 75: $1500
:: Over 75 years: $2000

CURRENT MEMBERS. There will be no additional surcharge for those who began their membership at an age of less than 45 years and have maintained their membership by paying dues annually.

ONGOING PAYMENT OF DUES. Dues must be paid annually in order to maintain Entitlement to Karka. A member who fails to pay dues for 12 months will have to reapply for membership and a new surcharge fee will be applied.

RESERVATIONS. Should a member desire to reserve a particular grave in a specific location (e.g., next to a spouse or family member), he or she may reserve such location with a Member Gravesite Reservation Fee of $500 per grave. This location is held only during the lifetime of the active dues-paying membership.

OTHER FEES. A headstone permit fee of $50 will be payable before a headstone is erected over the grave.

(Revised December 31, 2020)

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