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The Synagogue



The Merger      

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Found Treasures

Our Shul

From Wikipedia: Founded as Congregation Beth El of Borough Park in August 1902, it erected a brick building in 1906, at 12th Avenue and 41st Street. A three-story building that currently houses the organization was built between 1920 and 1923. The structure itself is often referred to as Temple Beth El. It has Moorish and Egyptian design influences. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. Further detail on this listing is here.

A treasure trove if historical information may be found on the extensive application to the National Register of Historic Places.  See it [HERE].

More about our shul in this  document about Cong. Anshe Lubavitsh, sitting in our first home. 





Rav Meir Shapiro spent Shabbos Chanukah of 1926 at @yibethelBP and was hosted by a young real estate developer who played an outsized role in the nascent Jewish community's future. From twitter:

The Merger

Congregation Beth-El + Young Israel of Borough Park = Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park  Since 1988

Congregation Beth-El
Certificate of Incorporation 1902
Certificate of Incorporation 1936

Young Israel of Borough Park
Certificate of Incorporation 1952

Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park (YIBE)
Certificate of Incorporation 

Our Rabbis - click for more info

Rabbi Avroham Ever Hirshkowitz (1906 - early 1920s)
Rabbi Simon Glazer (1927 - 1930) 
Rabbi Israel Shorr (1938 - 2000)
Rabbi Moshe Snow (2000 - 2023)

Our Chazzanim (Cantors) - click for more info

Mordechai Hershman (1920 - 1929++)
 Moshe (Maurice) Erstling 1934 - ??
 B. Schiffman 193x - 194x
Berele Chagy 1940s - 1952
Moshe Koussevitzky    1952 - 1966
Paul Zim (Zimelman) 1966 - 1968
Moshe Stern 1968 - 1977
Reuven Blum 1977 - 1981
Benzion Miller 1981 - 2023


The Choir - one man's view 


Dinner Journals over the Years


Full 1988 dinner journal honoring Rabbi Schorr


2018: Our Dinner


2018: Our Shul is the set for a new music video



2015: Sam Cweibel's 100th birthday bash


2014: Holocaust Survivors and Heroes Honored at Day of Remembrance Event










2013: Bnei Emunim event at YIBE


2012: Chazzan Benzion Miller's Slichos


2012: Chazzan Moshe Heschel Ma'ariv Sefira Concert


2008: concert with Chazzan Miller, Yanky Lerner, Yanky Rosenfeld, Simcha Levinst





2007: Post Tu B'shvat concert with Chazzan Yaakov Lemmer


1989: Chazzan Benzion Miller lights Chanukkah candles


Chazzan Moshe Stern AUDIO LINKS


1975: Chazzan Moshe Stern sings Hineni 


1966: Channukah Concert with Chazzan Moshe Koussevitsky 


Chazzan Moshe Koussevitsky sings Lider kranz & Farvus Zingt with pictures documenting his life

Articles - click for the full piece






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