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Tehillim List

  • Maleh Bas Yenta (Koenig)
  • Ezra Yisrael ben Nechama Rochel
  • Menachem Mordechai Ben Ophira
  • (Harav) Gedaliah Dov ben Perel (Rabbi G.D.Schwartz)
  • Chaya Bas Esther
  • Yosef Betzalel Ben Rus
  • Chaya Syma Bas Breindel
  • Hinda Leah Bas Chaya Sarah (Mrs. Hirsch)
  • Hindel Bas Perel - (She is a young child who is undergoing treatment. BH since we started saying her name there has been some improvement. Please continue.)
  • Yaakov Tzvi Ben Nechama Rachel
  • Even Ezer Ben Malka
  • Dov Nechemya HaKohein Ben Rochel Chaya Sarah
  • Nechama Rachel Bas Pessel
  • Rachel bas Shifra

Please say Tehillim so that they can have a full recovery!
Tizku l'Mitzvot!
May we all merit not to need this type of list!
To add or remove a name to the list please call the office or email

Fri, February 23 2024 14 Adar I 5784