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Rabbi Moshe Snow

RABBI MOSHE SNOW earned a BA in Sociology at Brooklyn College and continued, his studies on the graduate level towards a master's degree at Long Island University. He received smicha from Rav Moshe Feinstein, z’l, at Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim. He has been a guest lecturer for the Torah U’Mesora PTA  Association.  For twenty-two years, he was Principal of Morris County High School for Jewish Studies. Honored in 2000 as Educator of the Year by the Jewish   Educational Center, he is a rebbe with JEC and at RTMA.

Watch Rabbi Snow give a shiur on The greatness of Reb Moshe Feinstein ZT"L"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at the OU Center in Yerushalayim

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Sat, December 9 2023 26 Kislev 5784