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Thank you for 5776 Shabbos Mevorchim Sponsorship

On behalf of the Administration and the Board of Trustees, we thank all our sponsors for their continual support of the Shul's choir throughout תשע"ו (2015 - 2016).

As a result of their financial support, the Shul is able to enhance the davening by providing a choir for our renowned Chazzan BenZion Miller.

Please review the list of Sponsors below so that when you meet them you can thank them for their gracious generosity in sponsoring our choir.     

10/10/2015 Shabbos Bereshis Mevarchim Chesvon Sponsors Name Dr. Robert & Susan Schulman

11/07/2015 Shabbos Chayei Sara Mevarchim Kislev Sponsors Name Mr. Eli Karp

12/05/2015 Shabbos Vayeshev Mevarchim Teves Sponsors Name Yossi & Tzippy Stern

12/12/2015 Shabbos Miketz Rosh Chodesh Tevet Chanukah Sponsors Name Ms. Hadassa Nussbaum

01/09/2016 Shabbos Vaera Mevarchim Shevat Sponsors Name Yossi & Tzippy Stern

02/06/2016 Shabbos Mishpatim Mevarchim Adar I Sponsors Name Dr. Agnes & Mr. Daniel Zucker

03/05/2016 Shabbos Vayakhel Mevarchim Adar II Sponsors Name Mr. Ira Frankel and Family

04/02/2016 Shabbos Shmini Mevarchim Nissan Sponsors Name Rabbi Abraham Miller

04/09/2016 Shabbos Tazria Rosh Chodesh Nisan HaChodesh Sponsors Name Mr. Yogi Loshinsky

05/07/2016 Shabbos Achrei Mos Mevarchim Iyar Sponsors Name Mr. Joseph Billig

06/04/2016 Shabbos Bechukosai Mevarchim Sivan Sponsors Name Dr. Agnes & Mr. Daniel Zucker


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